Opportunities abound for volunteers at Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area. If you love to participate in the wonders of nature and want to help sustain this largely undeveloped natural park, we have many ways for you to get involved. Whether your talent is in writing education curriculum or grants, public speaking to adults or children, maintaining hiking trails, landscaping, or conducting surveys on flora (plants) and fauna (animals), we have an opportunity for you!

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For questions surrounding volunteer opportunities, please email our volunteer coordinator.

Meet our Volunteer Coordinator, Dillon Sutton

To get involved as a volunteer, at Hobbs State Park, please contact Dillon via email!

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Volunteers can stay connected and log events via the Volgistics login or on the app! New volunteers can create an account using the instructions below.

There are so many ways to volunteer your time and efforts at Hobbs State Park – Conversation Area!

We invite volunteers to help out with table top programs and craft tables. The table top programs and crafts can be something borrowed from the park or something you have created. The best times to have a table top program or craft are on the weekends between 10 am and noon, or noon until 2 pm. Times and topics are flexible and open to volunteers on a first-come, first-served basis. If you have time and want to come out and represent the park as a volunteer at the visitor center for a few hours, contact us today!

Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area has over 50 miles of trails and relies heavily on our volunteers to help maintain the trail system. To adopt a trail, we ask that you sign a one-year agreement to walk your section to report downed trees and remove trip hazards such as rocks and limbs on the trail. We also ask that you check-out tools to clip away small tree limbs that protrude into the pathway, clear trail tread drains to facilitate effective water runoff, weed eat or sling blade trail corridor as needed, repair flooded areas, etc.

We dock a tour boat at the Rocky Branch Marina where we provided educational programs and offer Beaver Lake based workshops. In the summer we take it out for snorkeling trips and sunset cruises. In the winter we offer bald eagle tours where we can see other wintering birds and wildlife as well.

Mainly during the Fall and Spring months, two to four times per week on Tuesdays through Fridays, we’ll have school buses of children at the park. The groups can be up to four classes a day, so we divide them into smaller groups, usually one class per station. These smaller groups will rotate “stations” that are led by Park Interpreters and Volunteers. The topics vary, however are related to local nature and history. Volunteers can expect to be here around 9 am through lunch (bring your own), and depart around 1 pm. The park has topic outlines by age group and presentations are built based on these outlines. We encourage volunteers to customize the presentation to their own skill set and experiences, while keeping to the main topic. Presentations should always be purposeful, organized, engaging/enjoyable, thematic and relevant.