Questions about Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area?

General questions about the park, facilities, and/or activities should be directed to park staff by means of the Contact Park Staff section below. To learn more about our organization, Friends of Hobbs, you can use our contact form or email us via the Contact Friends of Hobbs Section below.

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Driving Directions

From Rogers, AR: The 17,000 square foot visitor center is 14 miles east on State Highway 12. The entrance on the right side of the highway is 1/4 mile east of War Eagle Road.

From Eureka Springs, AR: Drive south 10 miles on Highway 23. Turn right on State Highway 12 and drive 10 miles (through the Clifty community) to the Visitor Center on the left side of the highway.

The Ozark Plateau Trail is adjacent to the visitor center. The visitor center closes at 5:00 p.m. each day. The trail is paved with a half mile outer loop and one quarter mile inner loop. Access to the Ozark Plateau Trail will be closed at sunset.

To access the Van Winkle Historic Trail drive approximately 11 1/2 miles east of Rogers, Arkansas on State Highway 12 to a public parking lot on the south side of the highway. A pedestrian walkway passes through a tunnel under the highway and continues throughout the Historic Van Winkle area. This trail is made of crushed stone and accessible to wheelchairs and strollers. The Sinking Stream Trail can also be accessed from this parking area, on the same side as the parking area.

Drive 10 miles east of Rogers Arkansas on State Highway 12. Turn left on State Highway 303 and continue one mile to the trailhead parking area.

Drive approximately 14 1/2 miles east of Rogers Arkansas on Highway 12 (about a half mile east of the Visitor Center) and enter the trailhead parking area on the left.

There are two trailheads; both approximately 11-13 miles east of Rogers, Arkansas and accessed on roads intersecting State Highway 12. The first trailhead is off Piney Road, turn right (south) and continue one mile. The other trailhead is another two miles east on State Highway 12, towards the visitor center. Turn right (south) on Townsend’s Ridge Road and continue two miles. The visitor center is connected to the trail via a 1.5 mile spur off Townsend’s Ridge Road.

The one designated trailhead for this 18-mile trail system is located on the exit-side (east) of the entrance/exit drive for the visitor center on State Highway 12. Parking is available at the trailhead; the gates at the visitor center close at 5:00 PM. This trail gives you access to the Tunnel Connector (for hikers and bikers). The Tunnel Connector leads to:

  1. The two bike-only flow trails, which are Sawtooth Downhill and Timberjack Downhill; both use the same Return Trail to complete their loops.
  2. The Tunnel Connector end, at the tunnel itself, leads to Wolf Den Loop. Karst Loop is accessible from Wolf Den Loop.

This trail system is best described in person. If you need further clarification, stop in the visitor center for more information.

The shooting range entry road is near the intersection of State Highways 12 and 303 North. Drive 10 miles east of Rogers Arkansas on State Highway 12. Immediately adjacent to, just past the intersection of State Highway 12 and 303, turn right on the gravel road to the Shooting Range.

The Marina is located at 8872 Rocky Branch Marina Road, Rogers, AR. Traveling eastbound from Rogers on State Highway 12, turn on 303 North (stay “right” on the Highway 303, also named Branch Road). Drive until you reach a “T” intersection; 303 North/Rocky Branch Road will end, with options to turn left or right on Park Road. Turn left on Park Road for a half mile and go straight past the Fee Booth (no charge to access the marina for Hobbs boat cruise passengers). Turn right at the first road (just past the fee booth) and go to the marina parking area where a park staff or volunteer will direct you to the boat. Total trip from State Highway 12/303 North intersection is 4.2 miles to the marina.

Please note that directions refer to those driving in from Rogers.