Upcoming Education Programming & Events

Education at Hobbs State Park – Conservation Area is a joint endeavor of the Friends of Hobbs education committee, volunteers and the park staff. Our overarching goal is to provide interesting and wide-ranging educational programs about the history and nature to children and adults alike. Our general, public visitor programs and workshops are varied, fun, interactive and are offered on almost all weekends and frequently during the week depending on the time of year. Some of our school programs are more in-depth and we refer to them as “Partnership Programs” where we focus on subject matter that assists the students, teachers, and the school system in meeting their specific educational curriculum and/or required State Standards. Thousands of school children have attended guided tours and education programs at Hobbs State Park over the past twenty-five years.

Primitive Campsites & Trails

Trails and campsites are open all year, however PLEASE NOTE: The Hidden Diversity - MultiiUse Trail, Pigeon Roost Trail, Shaddox Hollow Trail, and Sinking Stream Trail will be closed during permitted hunting seasons. This includes fall gun and muzzle loading deer seasons, and fall youth gun deer season.

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